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Import and Export Tariff Schedule of Viet Nam in 2022

04:12 - 10/02/2022

Time: February 2022

By: Hon Gai Port Border Gate Customs Branch

The contents of the general tariff schedule include:

1. List of Vietnam's import and export goods

2. Tariffs related to imported and exported goods: A total of 25 tariffs (including: Export Tariff, Normal Import Tariff, Preferential Import Tariff, Value Added Tax, Concise Tax, Environmental Protection Tariff & 16 special preferential import tariffs, 03 preferential export tariffs of Vietnam participating in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements).

3. Product-specific rules attached to special preferential import tariffs.

4. Policies for managing commodities according to HS codes of the Government and Ministries, Branches: A total of 82 types of management policies for export and import goods.

Link online: Import and Export Tariff Schedule 2022