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09:04 - 11/09/2023

The Summit Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of ASEAN - EU Relations takes place in a context where the world is witnessing many global changes and challenges, and ASEAN - EU economic cooperation is also being promoted towards sustainable development goals. At the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on common goals and priorities of both regions such as increasing trade - investment, strengthening regional supply chains, responding to climate change, science and technology, green transformation, digital transformation, etc, while maintaining the long-term goal of establishing a free trade agreement between ASEAN and the EU. This important event has attracted the participation of the ASEAN - EU Business Association and many large businesses and multinational corporations in sideline activities.

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized the imperative trend for Governments and business communities in the region to contribute to handling global issues such as green economic development, digital transformation, establishment and management of green and sustainable supply chains. The Prime Minister highly appreciated the EU's support in energy conversion projects in Vietnam and hoped the EU would continue to effectively implement development cooperation programs for the region such as the EU's Enhanced Regional Integration ASEAN Support Program (ARISE Plus), Enhanced regional EU-ASEAN policy dialogue (E-READI), etc, to provide technical and financial support to ASEAN countries in enhancing capacity businesses' efforts, building a green, circular production model, ensuring meeting EU regulations and standards; as well as asking the EU to consider the difference in development levels between ASEAN and the EU, to the opinions of ASEAN countries in the process of developing and implementing new regulations, especially regulations on development. sustainability is relevant to trade.

On the sidelines of the Summit, ASEAN and EU Leaders also attended the ASEAN-EU Business Summit with the theme "Strengthening ASEAN-EU trade: Sustainable development for all" in December 13, 2022. At this Summit, the Leaders of both sides discussed with the business community about challenging issues facing the ASEAN and global economy such as disruption of regional supply chains due to The COVID-19 pandemic causes non-traditional challenges including environmental issues, climate change, etc, and encourages businesses to strengthen cooperation to promote trade and investment between the two sides, aiming to ensure harmony of interests and sustainable development. In Vietnam's role as the coordinator of cooperation between ASEAN and the EU in the ASEAN Economic Pillar, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that Vietnam will coordinate closely with ASEAN countries and the EU to promote cooperation association to further strengthen trade and investment relations between ASEAN and the EU; proactively identify specific areas of cooperation that bring benefits to both sides and appropriate implementation forms to build orientations for the development of economic and trade cooperation between ASEAN and the EU in the coming time to keep up with the situation to meet development needs and respond to non-traditional security issues facing the region.

The success of the Summit Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of ASEAN - EU Relations has contributed to further strengthening the cooperative relationship between ASEAN and the EU, and is a driving force to further promote trade and investment cooperation between ASEAN and the EU with the goal of harmonizing interests and sustainable development.