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Implementing Rules of Origin in CPTPP - 3 years journey from the effective date of the Agreement

03:46 - 06/10/2023

Time: December 14, 2022

Editor: Department of Import and Export, Ministry of Industry and Trade

Up to now, CPTPP has officially been in effect for Vietnam for more than 3 years. During these three years, many commitments of CPTPP, including commitments on rules of origin, have been implemented in practice and achieved positive results in import and export activities through taking advantage of rules of origin of goods. Rules of origin are an important content in the implementation of CPTPP. Vietnam's exported goods need to meet regulations on goods origin in CPTPP to enjoy preferential tariffs in CPTPP markets.

However, at the micro level, there is very little practical information about the actual influence and impact of the rules of origin of goods in CPTPP on the import and export activities of businesses and the benefits from CPTPP through the application of regulations on rules of origin of goods.

Therefore, with the goal of providing a comprehensive picture of three years implementing CPTPP's rules of origin from both the perspective of businesses and state management agencies, while identifying the realities of capacity production, import-export activities, feelings and specific desires of businesses, the Agency of Foreign Trade - Ministry of Industry and Trade compiled the book "Implementing Rules of Origin in CPTPP - A 3 years journey the effective date of the Agreement".

The copy of the publication (in Vietnamese) is attached here.