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ASEAN Integration in Services

09:30 - 01/10/2021

Time: 01/2021

By: ASEAN Secretariat

This is the fifth edition of the “ASEAN Integration in Services” publication. It features an overview of various aspects of trade in services in ASEAN. They include the economic importance of services in the region, historical development of services-related policies, assessment of services liberalisation, facilitation of mobility of service suppliers, and ASEAN Free Trade Agreements involving trade in services.

This publication is intended to update stakeholders and general readers on the various initiatives set to promote greater flows of trade and investment in the services sectors in ASEAN. Further, it provides a list of contact points of each ASEAN Member State for the public to further inquire country-specific information on trade in services.

The updates also include completion of the tenth and final package of commitments under ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services; transition into the new ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement; latest developments in Mutual Recognition Arrangement and ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework; and signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. 

The document is attached here.