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Report: Southeast Asia Rising from the Pandemic

02:41 - 12/04/2022

Time: March 2022

By: Asian Development Bank

This report offers a comprehensive regional-level analysis and gives a rundown of how eight Southeast Asian countries dealt with and are now beginning to recover from COVID-19.

It looks at how countries have reshaped their economies and considers the impact of job losses as COVID-19 sent development gains into reverse. Against a backdrop of global headwinds and looming climate change, it recommends how policymakers can weave lessons from the pandemic into their drive for a resilient and inclusive recovery.


  • Southeast Asia: Establishing Economic Recovery Pathways
  • Indonesia: Boosting Post-Pandemic Productivity Prospects
  • Philippines: Mitigating Risks of Long-Term Labor Market Scarring
  • Cambodia: Identifying Drivers for a Stronger Recovery
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Building Tourism Competitiveness
  • Thailand: Recharging the Future of Tourism
  • Viet Nam: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Power Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery
  • Timor-Leste: Addressing Public Financial Management Challenges for Pandemic Recovery
  • Malaysia: Strengthening the Health System for Economic Recovery

This report is attached here.

Source: WTO Center